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Ecologicaly cultivated vegetables from plantages, ecologicaly home made vine and spirit, as well as fish and crustaceas, fished by fishermen are something that you will surely sense while tasting local specialities.

You will notice that the food is mostly boiled thus very light, often seasoned only with some home made olive oil and seasonal herbs (manly marjoram and chopped parsley). Local restaurants are held by people that know and appreciate good food - restaurant offer range from the typical tourist menus to a variety of local specialities thus offering a great array of dishes.

Some of the local specialities we mentioned are sea food, different sorts of cheese (goat's cheese in olive oil), home made deserts... We added also some Dalmatian and Croatian recepies for you to choose from, in case you want to taste the flavour of croatian cuisine.

Wine from Dalmatian areas were successfully exported to France and then Hungary from 1870 until 1894, when phylloxera devastated the majority of Dalmatian vine yards. Then, in the first decades of the 20th century large numbers of locals emigrated to North and South America. Local people became the pioneers of wine growing in California and still participate a great deal in the production of wine there.

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