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new quality of tourist offers

Preserved state of the environment and tradition are touristic advantages of Croatia - the only Mediterranean destination which has literally preserved the heritage of its ancestors. This is the message conveyed by marketing experts and encapsulated in the slogan "The Mediterranean as it once was." The aim is to reduce the volume of wasted capacities and creation of a quality product adjusted to the requirements of the modern-day tourist.

Gateway to the Adriatic is the name given to the extensive tourist information point for visitors arriving in Croatia. Located at the northern entry to this country, in Primorje, Gorski kotar County, it will provide tourists with all necessary information regarding their final destination in Croatia. Those who are already in Croatia (but not only those) will be cared for by the Croatian Angels. They provide assistance in organizing trips, bookings, emergencies, general information, guiding tourists, and other necessary forms of help. But their most important aspect is provision of a "safety net" service for guests during their stay in Croatia. Croatian Angels are contactable through the free phone number (unified number of tourist information for all of Croatia is 062 999 999 and international callers should dial +385 62 999 999). This service is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian from the 1st of April until the 31th of October.

Even a quick glance at tourist investments in the Croatian part of the Adriatic shows a greater focus on quality rather than on the increase of accommodation facilities and in turn this indicates that Croatian tourist destinations will offer its guests ideal combination of holiday, fun and recreation with diverse and quality service. Guests will be welcomed by renewed, equipped and enriched accommodation, catering and beach and recreation facilities in the final destinations. New walking paths, sports-recreation programs, ecological and adventure programs and many other programs on the coast compose even richer and more attractive tourist offer in all types of facilities - like agro-tourism, cycling, wine tasting routes, riding, diving, etc. In the dynamic picture of tourism it is guaranteed that much has not been noted but tourists in this country - which is because of the network of modern highways closer than ever - will by discovering them find out why Croatia has achieved the complimentary title hit-destination on the Mediterranean.

According to Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics from January till May 2004 structure of the tourist arrivals to Croatia looked like this:  





1 652 570

5 254 576


483 696

1 252 053


1 168 874

4 002 523

Last year (2003.) the total number of tourist arrivals was  8 877 981 (number of tourist overnights was 46 635 103 majority of wich was in hotels and villas) with the largest number of German tourists. Šibenik - Knin county had 639 714 visitors. These data was also collected from the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics website.

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