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Croatian cuisine is diferent in almost every region. Noticeable are the influences of Hungarian, Viennese (especially in North Croatia) and Turkish - while the Dalmatia bears the influences of the Greek, Roman and Illyrian, as well as of the later Mediterranean cuisine - Italian and French. Croatian eat italian, hungarian, austrian and oriental cuisines mixed together with native culinary tradition.

Most of the specialties are prepared with very little fat and oil. They are easy to digest and dontain many vegetables which thrive all the year round thanks to the mild climate. Don´t pass up dishes like mussels, shrimp (scampi), roast fish, delicious fish stew with rice, and meat specialties like sour marinated beef (pasticada) with noodles (njoki). To top it off we recommend a reifend dessert like “krostule”, egg cake (rozata), or of the rich Dalmatian tortes. Recomended specilaities barbecued meat, dalmatian smoked ham, sheep cheese and kulen, fish stew, seafood soup and salad.

The choice among the culinary specialties will surely be hard for you!

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Wine on Croatian soil
The culture of winemaking has been known on Croatian soil since Roman invasion. In the medieval times winemaking has become an important, and in some parts of the country, the only source of income for the people of Croatia.
In Croatia, vine has found excellent standpoint, variety of climate, configuration and structure of soil. All this, combined with tradition and rich sortiment can produce a large number of wine types, with its one and only characteristics and expressed individuality.
According to new statistical data, there are some 650 km2 (240 sq miles) of vineyards situated in Croatia. In the official Ministry of Agriculture report, there are approximately 375 km2 (140 sq miles) areas of vineyards that are producing wine with protected geographical origin (similar to AOC in France). By the same source, there are more than 300 wines with protected geographical origin in Croatia, and more than a half of this number are wines from small private vineyards.

With total of 50,000,000 bottles of wine with protected geographical origin, 8% are superior wines, 70% are quality wines and 22% are table wines with geographical origin.
There are 67% white, 32% red and only 1% rose wines produced in Croatia. In the continental part of Croatia, the majority of wine produced is white (nearly 93%), while in costal Croatia red wines dominate (more than 70%).
Croatian have variety of excellent vines: merlot, plavac, dingač, postup, malvazija, pošip, kujundžuša.

The secret recipes for winemaking are passed fown from generation to generation and are produced in the families´ wine cellars, as well as in those of private enterprises. In case of liquor, we recommend travarica, lozovača and šljivovica, prošek and maraschino (desert drinks). 

Croatian wine districts
There are two major vinegrowing regions of Croatia :
Continental part and Coastal part.
Each of this two parts is divided into vinegrowing subregions.
They are also divided into smaller regions that are only consuming a few vineyards (usualy 2 or 3 sq miles of vineyards).
Continental part of Croatia
The most common vine-sort in the continental part of Croatia is grasevina (most similar to riesling) with 51%, following with rhein riesling, gewurztraminer and chardonnay with little above 1% each, and sauvignon. Frankovka with 6% is the most important red wine.
Coastal part of Croatia
In the coastal part of Croatia, the most common is malvasia with 9%, debit with 3,5%, posip with 1,5% and zlahtina with 0,5%, and there is some marastina, vugava and grk. In last few years there grew new vineyards of merlot, and cabernet sauvignon, situated at Istra peninsula. There are some natural dessert wines from plavac mali (from famous Dingac and Postup locality).

Source: Robert Kostelac web site

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