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Croatia has two characteristic climate, Mediterranean and continental.
The Mediterranean climate (a warm dry summer, a mild winter, and delightful spring and fall) extending along the Adriatic coast and islands. The Adriatic coast, with its 2,600 hours of sunlight yearly, is among the sunniest coastlines in Europe.
The continental region, including the hinterlands, has typical winter temperatures below zero, while spring and fall are pleasantly warm, and summer is hot.
The highest summer temperatures can reach 40°C, and in winter, temperatures in selected areas drop to a low of -25°C.
The average yearly rainfall in the coastal region is 600-1.000 millimetres, in the continental region 1.000-1-500 millimetres, and in the mountain regions 2.000-3.000 millimetres.

When to come?
There are many factors to consider. Airline tickets are cheapest in the winter (1 Nov. - 31 March). The most expensive time is mid-summer. You won't mind the winter along the Adriatic; inland is a bit different (it's certainly colder). The Adriatic winter is mild, it freezes very seldom. But there is the north wind (bura) that often blows. April and May are great -- everything is green, few tourists, and the hot, humid weather has not arrived.
The best period to visit our coast is from April to October. Peak temperatures in high season summer months (July, August) can reach 38°C (100°F), and the water surface at that point reaches a comfortable 26°C (79°F). Although, you can travel along the Croatian coast at any time of the year.

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Time zone
Croatia is one hour ahead of Greenwich mean time (GMT), 6 hours ahead of New York, 2 hours behind Moscow, and 8 hours behind Tokyo. From late March to late September the clocks are advanced one hour.

Public holidays in 2004
New Year's Day, January 1st
Epiphany - the Coming of the Kings, January 6th
Easter, April 11th
Easter Monday, April 12th
Labor Day, May 1st
Antifascism Day, June 22nd
National holiday, June 25th
National Thanksgiving Day, August 5th
Assumption of the Virgin Mary, August 15th
All Saint's Day, November 1st
Christmas, December 25th, 26th

After the first newspaper on the territory of today's Croatia appeared as early as 1771 (in Zadar), there are now six national and seven regional daily newspapers as well as some 50 weekly publications. Principal media are Public Television and Radio Station (HRT), it broadcasts three nationwide television channels as well as several nationwide and regional radio stations; two private nation-wide television station; more than 100 private radio stations and ten private television channels which are mainly regional. The Croatian Radio and TV Company - Hrvatska radio televizija is broadcasting the news in English few times a day during the summer. The latest news from the Croatian radio in English and Croatian are also available on the Web.
Daily national newspapers: Vecernji List, Jutarnji List, Vjesnik, Slobodna Dalmcija, Novi List;
Weekly newspapers: Globus, Nacional, Feral Tribune, Fokus... International English-language papers (Herald Tribune, the Guardian, the Independent, Europe Today, and some others) as well as English editions of some popular magazines (Times, National Geographic, Vogue, Elle and others) are available in the larger towns.

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Calling from Croatia, international access code is 00.
If you are calling Croatia country code is 385.
There are two GSM operators in Croatia: VIPNET (091) and CRONET (098). Both operators offer prepaid service packages and have signed roaming agreements with many foreign GSM operators.
There are telephone booths everywhere; telephone sets operate by means of magnetic cards, tokens that can be bought in the post office or a kiosk.
You can telephone also in post offices (marked with yellow sign). The offices in tourist centres are open from Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sundays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. They also offer telegram and fax service, and money changing.

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Cyber Cafes
There are cyber cafes in Croatia but only in the larger towns and cities. For example, in southern Croatia there are 4 or 5 in Dubrovnik, one in Korčula, several in Split. Many of the hotels have an Internet connection as well as many small businesses.

Important phone numbers
Police 92
Fire brigade 93
Ambulance 94
Road assistance 987
Weather forecast and road conditions 060520520
Croatian Auto Club (HAK) 01/4640800
Information on local and intercity phone numbers 988
Information on international phone numbers 902
General Information 981

Local currency is Kuna (HRK), it has 100 Lipa. The import and export of HRK is limited to 2000 HRK. Currencies can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices (Mjenjačnica), hotels and most travel agencies.
Exchange rates are published in the daily press and by banks that display them in visible places. You can see it also on our website. Banks work from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. till noon on Saturdays. All banks are closed on Sunday and public holidays. Cash machines, though seldom found outside the major towns and resorts, are operative 24 hours a day and are all over Croatia. Of course, they spit out kunas instead of dollars or euros. So you will be asked how much you want to withdraw in kunas. See our exchange rate for info how much to withdraw. You can use most credit or debit cards. To be on the safe side, you might carry some dollar or euro bills with you which you can exchange in many places.
Standard credit cards like Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners, American Express and Visa are widely accepted in Croatia. All shops, restaurants, agencies, hotels and other services usually have logo stickers on the door or other visible place for you to be sure which credit cards they accept. You can take cash advance on Eurocard/Mastercard and Diners in most post offices. Banks and moneychangers as well as some hotels accept travellers' checks. Usually a 2 % commission is charged for cashing a traveller's check.
A tip is not included in the price of meals or drinks. If the tip is earned it should be about 10 per cent of the bill.
Tourists who purchase goods for over 500 kn may claim a tax return when leaving the country with verified "Tax Cheque" receipts through the Croatian Customs Service. A tax refund can be obtained within one year. The equivalent of VAT - PDV - is 22% in Croatia.

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Health services
Foreign tourists do not have to pay for medical services if there is a signed health insurance convention between Croatia and their country of origin.
Health care costs for tourists from a country that does not have a signed convention with Croatia are paid directly by the user in accordance with listed prices.
Hospitals are in all of the larger cities and clinics in the smaller towns. Pharmacies are open from 8 am to 7 pm weekdays, till 2 pm Saturdays; in larger cities on-duty pharmacies are open 24 hours.

Is It Safe?
We were asked this question more than any other. Not only is it safe, it is probably the safest country in Europe and maybe the world. To believe the locals, all the graft and corruption is left to the politicians.

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Tourist information
The Croatian National Tourist Board has offices in tourist centers along the coast. Working hours during the tourist season are mainly from 08 to 21h. Here are the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of local tourist offices and representative offices of the Croatian National Tourist Board abroad:

Croatian National Tourist Office, UK
2 The Lanchesters, 162-164 Fulham Palace Road, London W6 9ER
Tel: 020 8563 7979 Fax: 020 8563 2616
Email: info@cnto.freeserve.co.uk

Croatian National Tourist Office, USA
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4003, New York 10118, USA
Tel: (00 1) 212 279 8672 Fax: (00 1) 212 279 8683
Email: cntony@earthlink.net

Croatian National Tourist Office, Zagreb
Iblerov trg 10/IV, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: (00 385) 1 4556 455 Fax: (00 385) 1 4557 827
Email: info@htz.hr

Croatian National Tourist Office, Vienna
Am Hof 13, 1010 Wien, Osterreich
Tel: (00 43) 1 585 38 84 Fax: (00 43) 1 585 38 84 20
Email: office@kroatien.at

Croatian National Tourist Office, Frankfurt
Kaiserstrasse 23, 60311 Frankfurt, Deutschland
Tel: (00 49) 238 5350 Fax: (00 49) 69 2385 3520
Email: kroatien-info@gmx.de

Croatian National Tourist Office, Munich
Rumfordstrasse 7, 80469 Munchen, Deutschland
Tel: (00 49) 89 22 33 44 Fax: (00 49) 89 22 33 77
Email: kroatien-tourismus@t-online.de

Croatian National Tourist Office, Paris
48 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris, France
Tel: (00 33) 1 45 00 99 55 Fax: (00 33) 1 45 00 99 56
Email: croatie.ot@wanadoo.fr

Croatian National Tourist Office, Rome
Via Umbria 15, Rome, Italia
Tel: (00 39) 06 42 010 525 Fax: (00 39) 06 42 010 639

Croatian National Tourist Office, Milan
Piazzetta Pattari 1/3, 20122 Milano, Italia
Tel: (00 39) 02 86 45 44 97 Fax: (00 39) 02 86 45 45 74
Email: enteturismocroato@eubia.it

Croatian National Tourist Office, Netherlands
Hoge Gouwe 93, 2801 LD Gouda, Netherlands
Tel: 0900 20 22 102
Email: info@htz.nl

Croatian National Tourist Office, Brussels
Vieille Halle aux Bles 38, 1000 Brussels
 Tel: (00 32) 2 550 1888, Fax: (00 32) 2 513 8160

Croatian National Tourist Office, Prague
Krakovska 25, 11000 Praha, Ceska Republika
Tel: (00 420) 2 2221 1812 Fax: (00 420) 2 2221 0793
Email: infohtz@iol.cz

Croatian National Tourist Office, Bratislava
Trencianska 5, Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: (00 421) 7 55 562 054 Fax: (00 421) 7 55 422 619

Croatian National Tourist Office, Budapest
Magyar u. 36, 1053 Budapest
Tel: (00 36) 1 266 65 05 Fax: (00 36) 1 267 55 99

Email: horvattur@mail.matav.hu
Croatian National Tourist Office, Warsaw
Chmielna 16 lok. 2, 0-020 Warsaw
Tel: (00 48) 22 828 51 93 Fax: (00 48) 22 828 51 90

Croatian National Tourist Office, Moscow
Krasnopresnenskaya nab. 12, 123610 Moscow
Tel: (00 7) 095 258 1507, Fax: (00 7) 095258 1508
Email: HTZ@wtt.ru

Croatian National Tourist Office, Stockholm
Kungsgatan 24, 11135 Stockholm
Tel: (00 46) 853 482 080 Fax: (00 46) 820 2460
Email: croinfo@telia.com

Source: Croatian National Tourist Board

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Travel to Croatia
If you in Croatia stay less than 90 days (3 months), you passport is enough. But, people from some countries for entry need visa. Please check if you need a visa here.
If you need a visa it is available in embassys and consulates of Republic Croatia. In extreme cases visa can be issued at border crosses of Republic of Croatia. Addresses and phone numbers of other embassys you can find at Ministry of foreign affaires.
Children must have their own passport or must be signed in, in one of parent's passport.
Pets need to have an International certificate from a registered veterinarian stating that at least 15 days and not more than six months have passed since their vaccination against rabies.
Customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are in line with the standards of European Union countries (more expensive professional and technical equipment should be registered at the border).

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Smoking is generally acceptable but there are restrictions in public buildings and on public transport.
Topless sunbathing is generally accepted, but nude bathing is restricted to few designated beaches or any of numerous wild beaches along the coast.

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