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How to reach Croatia?
By car | By sea | By air | By bus | By train
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Reach Croatia by car
If you are coming from central Europe, car is far better choice than train because you can reach some of the destinations faster. Although, during the summer months traffic at the borders is a bit heavier, and that can cause short hold ups. For entry and driving through Croatia you need a valid driving licence, automobile registration card and your green card.
At this point we can say that Croatia is rapidly improving its road infrastructure, the highway from Zagreb to Split, with connections to Zadar and Sibenik, is expected to be completed in 2005. Some parts of it are already finished and in use. Toll is charged on the highways and bridges. (Highway Tolls by Croatian Automobile Club). Also, you can regurarly hear road information translated in several laguages on the Croatian Radio. You can drive along “Jadranska magistrala” (no toll) – a road between Rijeka and Dubrovnik that goes along the coast with memorable views. Ferries that travel from Rijeka to south part of coast are also a good solution for drivers because they can avoid that nice but hard ride along the Adriatic. English-language webpage of Croatian Auto Club offers details on traffic and road conditions. Also good source of service information is dialing information center at +385 1 464 08 00 for condition on the roads and ferry schedules, toll prices, fuel prices, travel directions...
Gas stations are opened from 7 - 20 h (in the summer till 22 h), some of them work non-stop (0 - 24). Petrol available in all gas stations: Eurosuper plus 98, Eurosuper 95, Normal Lead-free 91, Super 98, Eurodiesel, Diesel (Fuel prices by Croatian Automobile Club).
Speed limits are usuall: 130 km/h on highways and semi-highways, 50 km/h in populated places and 80 km/h outside populated areas. The use of seat belts is mandatory. Allowed alchocol limit in blood is 0,5 ppm. Accidents must be reported to the police (phone No 92) immediately. In case of need of technical road assistance, unique phone number available is 987.
Distance from Zagreb (North Croatia) to European capitals is:
Budapest 362 km, Vienna 399 km, Rome 957 km, Berlin 1,111 km, Amsterdam 1,402 km, Paris 1,458 km, London 1,593 km, Athens 1,600 km, Madrid 2,324 km, Munich 436 km, Zurich 604 km.
Distance from Zagreb (North Croatia) to larger Croatian cities:
Dubrovnik 572 km, Karlovac 56 km, Osijek 280 km, Pula 292 km, Rijeka 182 km, Šibenik 338 km, Slavonski Brod 190 km, Split 365 km, Varaždin 98 km, Zadar 288 km.
Rent-a-car: The driver must be 21 years old and licensed. Other conditions depend on rent-a-car company. Most international rental agencies have offices in Croatia's larger cities.


Reach Croatia by sea
Regural travel and ferry lines work between Italian (Venice, Trieste, Ancona, Pescara and Bari) and Croatian ports.
If you wish to enter by sea in a boat or yacht, after entering the coastal sea, river or lake you must take the shortest route to the nearest port or harbor open to international traffic and register your arrival with the authorized body in that harbor and apply for authorization to sail.
International maritime boarder crossings are permanent (Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula, Rasa-Brsica, Rijeka, Mali Lošinj, Senj, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Ploče, Metković, Korčula and Dubrovnik) and seasonal (1 April - 30 October: Novigrad, Sali, Bozava, Ravni Zakanj Kornati, Lastovo, Komiža, Vis and Hvar). Also, the owner or master of a foreign vessel must register his arrival with the authorized port authority or harbour office by filling in the form "Registration of arrival and stay of foreign yachts or boats in the territorial sea and internal waters of the Republic of Croatia". When leaving the Croatian territorial waters, the harbourmaster should be informed of the departure. The yacht must then leave the Croatian territorial waters without delay.
During the summer boats and ferries sail the Adriatic connecting major ports with almost all inhabited islands. The summer sailing schedule normally remains in operation from 31 May to 28 September. The frequency of ferry sailings is usually increased and fast hydrofoil services are added. Jadrolinija (maintains the largest number of regular international and domestic ferry and shipping lines), the largest Croatian ferry company connects Rijeka and Dubrovnik and stops off at Rab, Split, Hvar and Korcula. Local ferry lines connect mainland to the islands.
Information on sailing times and fares is obtainable from the following addresses:

SMC Ferry
C/F Azzurra
Sem marina
Ferries Guide

Reach Croatia by airplane
Croatia Airlines is national airport company. It flies direct to large European capitals Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Mostar, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje and Zurich.
Within Croatia, the airplanes of Croatia Airlines connect Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Osijek, and Bol.
During the summer season, many charter flights connect the Croatian coast with cities including Ljubljana, Ancona, Vienna, Graz, Linz, London, Manchester, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Hannover, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Naples, Trieste, Stockholm, Götteborg, Ostrava, and other destinations important for Croatian tourism.
Foreign air carriers that fly to Croatia include Adria Airways, Aeroflot, Air Bosna, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Air France,  British Airways, ČSA, LOT, Lufthansa,  Malev  and Turkish Airlines.
From almost every international airports take off regular flights for the capital city of Croatia - Zagreb. Example of flight durations: London - Zagreb: 2h:30, New York - Zagreb: 10h:35.
Ryanair doesn't flight to Croatia yet - closest destinantions are Venice, Trieste, Ancona, Pescara and Bari in Italy (all connected to Croatia by sea, bus and rail). Easyjet flies to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Venice (Italy).

Zagreb Airport
Split Airport
Dubrovnik Airport
Zadar Airport

Reach Croatia by bus
Regural international bus lines conect Croatia with all neighbouring countries, as well as Switzerland, France, Germany and Slovakia. This kind of transportation is the cheapest. Also, bus service between major cities (intercity lines) is quite frequent, as well as regional services - bus lines reach to the smallest places on the coast.
The most frequent bus terminals in Croatia are Zagreb and Split Bus Terminal  but there is a bus station almost in every larger city. Their websites offer info on departures, arrivals and ticket prices. Almost all the bus line companies offer both national and international lines.

Reach Croatia by train
Travelling by train could also be interesting because of its lower price - especially compared with Western Europe (Croatian Railways). Railroad lines are also getting reconstructed – all the work will be finished before Summer 2004.
Direct railroad lines connect Croatia to Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With all other european countries there are indirect lines. In Croatia there are EuroCity (EC), InterCity (IC), ekspres (Ex), fast (B) and local trains. For timetables of some of the listed see Die Bahn.
Railroad network connect all larger Croatia cities except Dubrovnik.

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