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If you visit Croatia during the summer (July and August) you should definitely visit Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Split Cultural Summer. Also we should mention carnevals in Istria (especially Rijeka) during the whole year and events called Fishermen Night organized in August in almost every town or village on the coast organizes.

In Bol on the Island of Brač you should definitely attend April's Ladies Open Tennis and Bol Cultural Summer in August. Also, 5th August Our Lady Of The Snow – religious and folk event takes place.

In Hvar on the Island of Hvar please visit International New Years Regatta 1st of January, Sunčani Hvar Open, tennis event in March, Days Of Hvar Theatre in May and Hvar Summer Performances in September.

In Vis on the Island of Vis attend October Vis Regatta, in Makarska May Rowing Regatta and in Omiš (near Split) May Competition In Rafting.

Famous religious feasts are in Sinj (15th August The Assumption Folk Festival) and Solin (8th September Nativity Of The Holy Virgin, Folk Feast).
In Sinj 1st Sunday in August is reserved for the Sinj "Alka" – knightly games.

Split has many cultural events throughout the whole year, but other than Split Cultural Summer we would like to add January Christmas Fair, February Fashion Show, April Marulić Days (Croatian Drama Festival), May Flower Fair and Dalmatia Cup, International Regatta. Don’t miss the Celebration Of The City Patron St Domnius (7th May).

You shouldn’t miss Varaždin Baroque Evenings (September), Vinkovci Autumn (September) if you are visiting North Croatia.

Here is also a list of some more important cultural events in 2004:

  • 11th International Festival of Small Theatre – Rijeka /03.05.2004 - 13.05.2004/ in Rijeka
  • 16th Festival of Animated Films Zagreb /14.06.2004 - 19.06.2004/ in Zagreb   
  • 18th International Festival of New Theatre EUROKAZ /24.06.2004 - 01.07.2004/ Zagreb   
  • 2nd Zagreb Film Festival /12.10.2004 - 16.10.2004/ in Zagreb   
  • 38th Festival of Dalmatian Klape (acapella groups) /02.07.2004 - 24.07.2004/ in Omiš   
  • 41st International Music Festival Pula /03.11.2004 - 07.11.2004/ in Pula   
  • 44th International Children's Festival Šibenik /19.06.2004 - 03.07.2004/ in Šibenik   
  • 48th Krk Summer Festival /16.07.2004 - 27.08.2004/ in Krk   
  • 6th Motovun Film Festival   /02.08.2004 - 06.08.2004/  Motovun   
  • 9th International Festival  of New Film /26.06.2004 - 02.07.2004/ in Split  
  • Cycling Race Giro d'Italia 2004 /23.05.2004 - 24.05.2004/ in Istria   
  • Istra Ethno Jazz 2004.  /08.07.2004 - 11.07.2004/ in Pula   
  • World Theatre Festival  Zagreb 2004  /14.09.2004 - 21.09.2004/ in Zagreb

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Eight national parks and ten nature parks, with their stunning nature, allow the visitors to enjoy the numerous trails and various types of climbing (free climbing,…), hiking, canyoning, mountain biking…
In addition to rafting and kayaking on the rivers, kite flying, paragliding and parachuting, paintball, and horseback riding in the continental and coastal parts of Croatia, there are various activities offered on the sea, including diving, surfing, sea kayaking…
This year Croatia will also offer guests and other visitors the unforgettable and exciting Jeep Safari.
Along the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea, 48 marinas will satisfy the needs of many boaters who spend their vacation sailing on the crystal clean Croatian part of the Adriatic.
More than 400 species of fish present a true challenge for every fisherman and angler, as well as for gourmets.
Water sports are the most popular sports on the Adriatic coast but there are also sport courts for tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, five-on-five football, handball, squash, bowling etc. in cities and large tourist centres.

The Croatian Sea is not only an attractive nautical destination, but it also draws many lovers of the underwater world. Diving is not permited in the areas of internal sea waters encopassing harbors, accesses to harbors, anchorage and the area with heavy trafic, in strict and special sea reservs, natural parks and other protected sea and undersea areas (Mali Ston Bay, Lima Bay, Telascica Natural Park ...) and near anchored warships and protected military facilities at the costal edge at the distance of less than 100 meters.
Diver´s card can be issued by the Croatian Diving Federation and it will be valid for the year following the issue date. The area at wich diving is performed must be visibly marked, and orange or red buoy or a diving flag.
Resecue Team: phone 9155 (DAN), VHF channels 16, 10, 74

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Sport fishing centres are distributed throughout the continental and coastal parts of the Republic of Croatia and abound in a great variety of fish species (over 360 species of fish live in the Adriatic Sea), since there are fishing grounds along lowland, highland and mountain rivers, streams and lakes, and along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Adriatic islands.
In the case of the islands, it is better to fish on the side of the island facing then sea and on promontories.
Adriatic sea is predominantly calm sea with warm climate (temperature of the sea in the north about 22°C and in the south between 26°C and 29°C) and salinity of 31 to 38 per mille, very indented with many bays, inlets, peninsulas and islands.
All the major tourist resorts on the Croatian Adriatic are within easy access by boat of excellent fishing sites. Fishing cruises are organized from many places. The boats have 20 to 50 bunks, and the cruises last 7 to 15 days.
The Split area stretches from Ploce Point to the Makarska Riviera and includes the islands Drvenik Veliki and Drvenik Mali, Ciovo, Solta and Brac. The south shore of Hvar, and especially the Pakleni otoci islands and Scedro, are rich in grouper, white sea bream, black umber and especially moray eel. Fishing for breize, which live in great depths around rocks and submerged objects, is one of the most fascinating sports in Dalmatia.

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The ''sea of a thousand islands'' offers a range of 48 marinas with some 13,000 berths in the sea and 7,500 dry berths. Larger marinas are equipped with technical services, cranes and hoists and fuel pumps, as well as with shopping and catering facilities. Majority marinas operate a yacht hire service and also organize schools of sailing.
The Croatian coast, abounding in natural harbors, with its countless bays, beaches, ports and marinas is a real heaven...
About half of the marinas belong to the ACI Club (Adriatic Croatia International Club) and the others are independent. Of the twenty-one ACI marinas seventeen are open throughout the year and four during the summer season only.
The best season for sailing in Adriatic is early summer: there are good winds in May and June. In July are August, when periods of calm prevail, conditions are ideal for those motor boat fans who prefer calm waters. In the autumn and winter, seas can be rough with prolonged periods of the bora and the scirocco, the real paradise for those who like "real sailing".
Weather conditions in the Adriatic are affected by the general weather situation in the Mediterranean and local climate conditions. The bura (bora) - cold and dry north-easterly wind and the jugo-siroco (jugo-scirocco) - warm, humid east-southeast wind are the main winds on the Adriatic. They prevail in the winter period from September to May. The prevailing wind in the summer is the maestral - local wind which blows from the sea, mostly in the summer. The coastal radio stations broadcast weather reports in Croatian and English several times a day. The reports include a general weather situation report, messages and the forecast for the following 24 hours.
There are three coastal radio stations on the Croatian coast, which opeate the radio communications service (telephone calls) and broadcast weather reports and warning announcements.
Nautical warning messages with information on obstacles to navigation, lighthouse failures, prohibited areas, etc., are broadcast by coastal radio stations after the weather report.

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Windsurfing is a relatively new sport that has become popular in only a few years. The most popular destination for windsurfers is Bol on the island of Brač, where the wind blows every day and you can enjoy in the play of wind and waves the whole year round. Other popular windsurfing location is Ruskamen near Omiš.

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Paragliding arouses a unique feeling of adventure and you can experience what it is like to fly in silence, with only the sound of wind surrounding you. The feeling when you take off from the cliffs in a tandem paraglider made for two with an instructor and land on meadows at the foot of the mountain is undescribable.

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Sea Kayaking
This is one of the activities that we started practicing not long ago. Adriatic sea has warm, clear and clean water with insignificant tides. Scenery is beautiful - huge rocks and high cliffs, the caves and hidden coves. One of the great advantages of sea kayaking is that it can take you where boats can not …

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Rafting has become more and more popular over the past few years. Wooden rafts have had a long tradition on some rivers in these areas but modern white water rafting is a rather new sport. That may be the reason Croatia is not a well known rafting destination although it does have wild and exciting rivers that flow through breathtaking scenery.
Scenery you can find here consists of the green rivers combined with the steep canyon cliffs, exciting and breathtaking rapids and falls.

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Most of people visit Croatia during the summer and spent their vacation at the seaside. Due to that fact they stay short for the remarkable experience of kayak touring on the most beautiful rivers of Croatia that flow between hills and forests in uninhabited areas and have nothing in common with crowded beaches of seaside resorts.

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The mountains of the Republic of Croatia mainly belong to the Dinaric range, and to a lesser degree are an eastern extension of the Alps. The peaks in Croatia are not higher than 2,000 meters but they are among the most beautiful in the world. Because Croatian mountains are easy to climb and have a large number of attractive destinations, the number of opportunities and combinations is unlimited.
The Croatian Climbing Society was founded in 1874, which puts the Croats among the first seven nations in the world with a climbing organization. The Mountain Rescue Service (GSS, initials in Croatian) works and offers help in inaccessible regions, far from the highways, where the regular emergency services cannot help. The GSS offers its service without any charge to those in trouble, and its members expect to have the full cooperation and understanding of everyone. The GSS can be informed via the nearest information point or via a police station (Tel: 92). Markings in Croatian mountains are quite standard: a red circle with a white dot in the centre.

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Cyclists explore the landscapes and history of Croatia for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. Travelling at your own pace, by bike, you'll discover the curiosities and splendours that make our holidays so interesting, so diverse, and so stimulating. From the heart of Croatia, to her coast your cycling holidays could help you discover the things that other tourists seldom see.

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Hills of Međimurje with the beauty of spring awakenings and Biokovo mountain with it’s reflection in the blueness of the sea are some of the hunting grounds of the Republic of Croatia that are rich in all breeds of game typical for central and southeastern Europe.
Among them the lowland deer should be emphasized. In addition, bears (in southwest Croatia) often attract foreign hunters as do chamois, lynx and other game such as rabbit, fox, pond birds, etc.
For all information on hunting grounds and organized hunting trips contact local hunting clubs.


Those who take up various sports in recreative form, will find in this country numerous sports facilities that offer huge possibillities for active holiday:


The world success of Croatian tennis players and the ATP tournaments in Umag and Bol have greatly contributed to the popularisation of tennis in Croatia. Croatia was always a homeland of good tennis players. The names of Boro Jovanovic, Zeljko Franulovic, Nikola Pilic were famous in '70s, Bruno Oresar and Goran Prpic were good in '80s, while the best Croatian player ever, Goran Ivanisevic, dominates in '90s.
It is a great pleasure for all tennis professionals to play tennis in Croatia, the homeland of Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanišević, an ambassador of Croatian tourism.
Jelena Kostanić is yet another name among the Croatian women tennis players written in the history of the Australian Open. The sixteen years old girl has this year won the junior Australian Open. Iva Majoli has also marked the Croatian sport, continually promoting the name of Croatia throughout the world. Ivan Ljubičić, Karolina Šprem, Ivo Karlović are the ones you are still going to hear about.

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This is, certainly, Croatia's most popular sport maybe because we are proud to have so many successful football players. In the World championship in France '98 Croatia’s football team won third place, being just a step from the finals.
The names of Croatian players are known to all football fans in the world: he best scorer of the WC, Davor Suker played for Real Madrid, just like Robert Jarni. Zvonimir Boban was the AC Milan's star, Alen Boksic after Marseille and Juventus, resided in Lazio, while Robert Prosinecki, who played in both Real and Barcelona, headed Croatia Zagreb. Also, there are many young players that are close to becoming famous players: Dario Simic, Silvio Maric, Igor Tudor...

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The Croatian national basketball team was formed in '92, when they've made the biggest success in history of Croatian basketball, reaching the finals of Olympic games '92. Of course, they couldn't go further, facing the best team ever made: Dream Team I. After a tragical death of Drazen Petrovic, Croatia won third place on EC in Munich '93, then repeated that at the WC in Toronto next year, and at the EC '95 in Athens.
Drazen Petrovic, born in Sibenik, is considered the best European player ever. He started in Sibenik, then moved to Cibona, played an excellent season in Real Madrid, and went to NBA, being one of the best scorers in the league playing for New Jersey Nets. Drazen died in road accident in Germany, 1993. His statue was placed in the Olympic park in Lausanne.
Toni Kukoc, won three European titles with Jugoplastika Split, and then three NBA titles with Chicago Bulls, being a part of best NBA team ever. Dino Radja also made a great NBA career in Boston Celtic, and two more Croatians, Zan Tabak and Stojko Vrankovic, played in the best league of the world.

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