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Dalmatian wine
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CHERRY BRANDY DALVIN is liqueur of Dalmatian origin. If is produced on the basis of marasca cherry which has an extraordinary quality, peculiar flavour and aroma. Cherry brandy drink is the natural liqueur traditional in Dalmatian for several centuries and considered as one of the best drinks in the world.

AMARETTO DONATELLO, Mediterranean drink, a liqueur made of herbs and plants. According to tradition renaissance artists were first to drink this liqueur. One of them was Nikola Firentinac, apprentice of a very famous sculptor Donatello, who made some magnificent monuments in Dalmatia.

DALMATINSKA LOZOVAČA (Dalmatian Grape Brandy) is distilled from the grape products of the light quality Dalmatian sorts. The traditional distillation and the specific conservation give to this brandy a specific aroma. Dalmatinska lozovača is one of the most popular spirits. Our neighbors in Italy call it "grappa", but the Dalmatinska lozovača differs from it for its specific taste which is the result of the traditional distillation and a special selection of grape sorts.

DALMATINSKA TRAVARICA (Dalmatian grape brandy with herbs) is distilled from the products of high quality Dalmatian grape sorts and carefully chat, sea aromatical and medicinal herbs cultivated on rocky Dalmatian soils. This famous aperitif is very popular in Dalmatia. It is belived that because of medicinal herbs Travarica is a very good remedy for stomach disturbances.

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