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Dalmatia has, for a long time, been famous in the tourism world for its clean sea, abundance of sun, numerous islands and islets, natural beauty, and particularly for its cultural monumental heritage and the cultural events (Passion heritage, games of knighthood, folk songs, folklore, and festivals).

The Adriatic Sea, as the most beautiful bay of the Mediterranean Sea, gently splashes upon the shores of Dalmatia and its thousand islands, islets, and cliffs. The transparency of the Adriatic Sea is greatest around the outermost Dalmatian islands, where it reaches 56 meters in depth. The depth of the sea on the outer side of the Dalmatian islands is up to 200 meters and the greatest depth of 1400 meters was recorded in the southern basin.

The largest rivers in Dalmatia are the Neretva, Cetina, Krka, and Zrmanja. These rivers are suitable for canoeing and rafting, and since they flow through rocky areas, they present true oases. Their riverbeds are of exceptional natural beauty.

Šibenik-Knin County offers many attractions: the view from the sea towards the town of Šibenik is striking: the entrance into the channel of St. Anna and the passage through the castle of St. Nicholas. Walking down Gradina, the oldest part of Šibenik, one can still feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and walking further towards other parts of town it is easy to notice just how the town grew and how the building styles changed. The stylistic changes are also reflected on the most significant building in Šibenik, the cathedral of St. Jacob, erected in the fifteenth century and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Register. It is an architectural masterpiece of the synthesis of the Gothic and Renaissance architecture accomplished by Juraj Dalmatinac, and completed by Nikola Firentinac. Two of the most beautiful national parks are situated in this region: the waterfalls of the Krka River and the Kornati archipelago. The Krka River with its waterfalls and the particularly attractive landscape around Visovačko Lake with its a Franciscan monastery situated on a small island in the middle of the lake, is an important part of Šibenik’s identity.

Kornati, a archipelago of 125 islets and reefs forming an elongated wall of sheer cliffs facing the open sea, the tallest of which is more than a hundred meters tall. This geo-morphological phenomenon may be experienced almost as a primordial place, since apart from the two small settlements on the largest islet, the remaining islets in the archipelago are uninhabited. Many of the reefs and cliffs on Kornati are nameless, but some have unusual names that match their appearance: Klobučar (jellyfish), Balun (ball), Košara (basket), Mrtvac (dead man). The wild archipelago of Kornati offers a “Robinson Crusoe” type of vacation and an escape from the contemporary way of life as well as a holiday on one’s own island. The possibilities range from complete isolation, to the vicinity of a small fishing village or a cottage on the other side of the island. The maximum distance from the sea is about 20 meters and the cottages offer the basic conveniences. In case of a bad catch, do not worry. A boat with supplies comes every other day.

Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board
phone: +385 22 219 072; 212 346
fax: +385 22 212 346
e-mail: tz-skz@si.htnet.hr

Source: Croatian Tourist Board

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